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Lou Luna is a brand that is made for the women on the go who wants to look effortlessly chic and edgy. The brand is to make women be able to run out the door and throw on simple pieces from us that don’t need to be extreme as they are simple but effective. The brand has your basic go to pieces, such as graphic T-shirts, a good pair of jeans to pull the whole look together. It’s the perfect balance!

One of the main aims with the brand is that it is as eco friendly as possible. If that's from the making of the product to the packaging. 


The aim of the brand is for it to be empowering and chic as well as eco friendly. Having these two things together usually mean the brand is going to be overly expensive but with LOULUNA we want it to be more accessible to feel good and be doing good. That's why our products are going to be at the perfect price that will give people the opportunity to dress better and bring confidence in themselves through their clothes as well as doing good for the planet!

Lou Luna x