How are we eco aware?


We are a clothing brand that want's to try and create pieces for our customers that make them feel they're best selves but also know they are not having a big effect on the environment through there choice of clothing.


We are a new brand and we are not 100% eco friendly, but we are as eco aware as possible in every choice we make! our aim for the future with the brand is to eventually be 100% eco friendly. Our t-shirts and jumpers that we have designed are organic and designed with vegan inks.


Our jeans are recycled denim that hasn’t been used. By using these we are cutting down on a lot of water usage as we are not creating more pollution through creation.


Our packaging is 100% eco friendly, the shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard and our tissue paper is biodegradable. The tags we use on our clothes are metal chain tags with paper tags on, keeping away from plastic as much as we can! The only tags that we use that are in the process of being improved are our sewn on labels. We are working on creating a better and more eco friendly way of labelling the products for the near future.

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